Monday, January 5, 2009

Where should I start with this book. I watched the movie first which is not always good. I really liked the movie. The book is good, but I felt since it was so repetitive that it made a better movie.

I really liked that the book did make the characters have more depth then the movie did. I loved Lily and felt for her and her drinking. I really wanted Andy to get through to her.

I really hated how everyone didn't understand what Andy's job was about. I know that until you are in the job you can't understand, but they should know that she really didn't have a choice. At one point when Alex is breaking up with her he tells her "you always have a choice". I think now in this economy more so than then you really don't if you want to still have a job. They knew that she was working for a reason and just didn't understand. I really hated this and wished that if anyone her parents (as mine would) would have supported her with no question.

In the end I was mad that Alex chose not to go back to her and I was beyond thrilled that Andy found her success and that she didn't work for the "Devil in Prada" for no reason.

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