Friday, January 30, 2009

From Dead To Worse-Charlaine Harris

This is my last Sookie book till the new on comes out in May. What will I do for my obsession?

I love the world that Charlaine Harris creates when she writes these books. She uses characters that you love and can relate to and puts them in situations you could only dream of. If I could ever visit a fictional town and hang out with book characters it would be Bon Temps with this gang.

In this book Sookie has a lot going on. Amelia is still her roommate and Bob is still a cat. Amelia's father comes for a visit and gives Sookie news that Hadley had a baby. It must have been Sookie's month for long lost relatives because she also meets her Great Grandfather who just happens to be a fairy. So she really does have fairy in her blood, but also her grandfather was not actually her grandfather. Her lovely grandmother had an ongoing affair with a fairy and produced her 2 kids.

Sookie finally finds the missing Quinn when he shows up with the Nevada vampires that came to take over the territory. Many Vamps came up dead, but Eric and Bill decide to team up with them. Quinn was there under duress, but Sookie felt that he had to much baggage that she could not handle and they went their separate ways. Can't say I am sad about that, there was just something about him.

Sookie was also involved with the Supes. Alcide (who I liked at first, but is a butt now) is the new pack master after a fight killed the old one.

And in case you thought that Sookie killing Debbie Pelt was finished you were wrong. Tonya is back and going after Sookie through Crystal and Jason who are not in newly wed bliss anymore as Crystal was caught having sex with another man in Jason's home.

I liked that this book jumped around and made her go through a couple different mysteries. This book used all the characters while introducing some new ones. Charlaine Harris is the only writer I know who can have a million different characters who all fit into the story beautifully.

Now I am not so calmly awaiting May to read Dead and Gone as I read the first chapter on

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  1. I loved this book :) I'm yet to get the next one but trying to wait as much as possible ;)

    I've linked to your review here :)