Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Winter Challenge List

Here are my Winter Challenge Tasks. As I finish a Book I will list it here in Colors.

5-Point Tasks
1. Read A Book with a color in the title (red, blue, black Ect.).
2. Read A Book with a number in the title (1, 2, 3, etc.).
3. Read A Book with the book Love in the title.
4. Read a Book with a type of Candy in the title (chocolate, bon bons, etc.)
5. Read a Book with an animal in the title (dog, horse, cat, etc,) The Secret Life of Bees- Sue Monk Kidd
6. Read the Book that has been on your TBR pile the longest?
7. Take 10 titles off you TBR Pile (minus the one above if you do it) and put the titles of each on a piece of paper. Then put in hat scramble them up and pick one out. Read that book. Angels by Marian Keyes
8. Read a Mystery Book.
9. Read a Book with a winter word in the title (snow, ice, sleet, cold, etc.)
10. Read a Book where an African-American is the main character. (February is African American history month)

10 Point Tasks
1. Read a Non-fiction book.
2. Read a Book with January, February, or March in the title.
3. Read a Book whose title contains a body part (heart, toe, finger, etc.)
4. Read a Book by an author you have never read before.
5. Read a Romance Novel
6. Read a Historical Fiction Book.
7. Read a book with the name of a city, country, continent in the title.
8. Read a Book about music
9. Read a book about a celebrity
10. Read a Young adult book.

15 Point Tasks
1. Read a book with an occupation in the title.
2. Read a book that you have already seen the movie for. The Devil Wears Prada- Lauren Weisberger
3. Read a banned book. Harry Potter- J.K. Rowling
4. Read a Book written by an African-American Author
5. Read a Fiction or Non-fiction book about a politician or politics
6. Read a book in a series and the one that follows it. All together Dead
7. Read a book from the 1001 books list.
8. Read a book from a bestsellers list. The Road- Cormac McCarthy
9. Read a Fiction or Non-fiction book about Football, Basketball, or Hockey.
10. Read a book you read in High School. The Thirst-R.L. Stine

25 Point Tasks
1. Read a book and then watch the movie
2. Read a Book than cook a meal inspired by it.
3. Read a book over 700 pages


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  1. :o) I like the new blog! Can't wait to read more of your reviews. How are you doing on the challenge so far? I'm getting a bunch of books from B&N tomorrow, which I can't wait to dive into!