Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer Sisters-Judy Blume

Oh Judy Blume how you fulfilled my love of reading in my youth. I remember hiding Forever from my parents afraid my mom would want to read it and get mad at me for reading it.

Summer Sisters is about Vix and Caitlin, friends from elementary school, and their summer trips to The Island to visit Caitlin's dad and step-mother. The friendship that these girls had was unusual, but at the same time long lasting despite their problems.

Vix is the shy girl who has had a hard family life. She is smart and likes to read. Caitlin's family take her in and help her to recognize her potential and help her to go to college and be the success that she wants to be.

Caitlin is the pretty, popular, rich, selfish, and carefree girl. She wants what she wants and will get it no matter what. She travels the world with no regards to her future.

I really enjoyed this book, but I am a sucker for a book about friendships. There were some things that made me blush, but I liked the characters, even the ones that I Loved to hate.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for an easy read for the beach or just for a lazy day.

Vision in White-Nora Roberts

This was my first Nora Roberts book. Boy did I pick a good one. I have always thought about becoming a wedding planner so I thought this book would be just my style. I was right.

I really liked that Ms. Roberts had the business and the love story along with friendship all woven together. The story and the writing fit together beautifully.

I really enjoyed the characters and could see me working for Vows even if Parker is high strung (I think she just needs an assistant to help with her part). I do wish I could see Mac's pictures some how.

Now I have to wait till October for the next one Bed of Roses.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Along For The Ride-Sarah Dessen

Along For The Ride is Sarah's newest book. This one follows Auden who has just graduated from High School. She is an insomniac and her parents are divorced. She was always the good child while her brother was the wild child. She has never done the whole "teen scene" . She decides to go to spend the summer before college with her father, his new wife, and brand new baby.
Auden's growth warmed my heart. I loved reading about her mission to be a "teen". Eli was another great male character. Of course I loved the supporting cast of friends she makes and learns how to be a girl friend with. I also loved seeing others pop up (Jason) and them selling the key necklaces.
As always I was not disappointed.

Lock and Key-Sarah Dessen

I truly enjoy Sarah Dessen's books. I was excited to read this book since a lot of people enjoyed it. It started a little slow for me, but there was history that was important to Ruby's character that needed to be introduced. The book really picked up though and I ended up loving it.

Ruby is a great character. She reminded me of myself there for a while. While I didn't have to live with my sister because I did have my father my mother left me also. I was very close to my older sister and often even to this day think of her as a substitute mom in my life.

Can I just say that Nate and Wes (The Truth About Forever) have to be the best males from her books. Nate was not the typical male character from Sarah's books as he was the popular kid instead of the outsider. I really enjoyed that and getting into his life with his father and such.

I actually ended the book wishing that Ms. Dessen would write a sequel to this book.

Fearless Fourteen-Janet Evanovich

Number 14 was good. I think they have gotten better the higher the numbers. Stephanie is always getting herself in trouble and Grandma Mazur is just hilarious. I loved that Stephanie and Morelli were basically living together again and I wish she would realize she doesn't love 2 men she loves 1 and lusts after another.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lean Mean Thirteen-Janet Evanovich

I was going to read something different over the long weekend, but decided I would keep the weekend light so I picked up Lean Mean Thirteen. I am so glad that I did. Besides making me laugh out loud so many times I found myself drooling over her descriptions of the food that they made in this book.
So what happens in this book without telling spoilers: Grandma gets a boyfriend, Stephanie works with Ranger again, and we get to have a mystery with Joyce Barnhart and Stephanie's Ex Dickie ( which happens after Stephanie threatens to kill him). Everyone who knows Stephanie and her crew know it is a great book.

Dune Road-Jane Green

I have read a lot of Jane Green's books and have enjoyed them. This is not your typical Jane Green book, but just as entertaining. I read it quickly and found it hard to put it down. The book follows 3 women friends and their relationship as well as their families. It also shows their struggles with love, divorce, kids, and the financial crisis.

Charlie is married with kids. She has the big house, the cars, and the money. But is her world really that great?

Kit is a divorced mom of 2. Her ex is very much in the picture. Kit also finds herself dealing with dating and family.

Tracy is the newest to the group and she owns her own business and is trying to find love after she started her life over after her 2nd divorce.

There are other characters in the book that give this book a well rounded story and the charm that is Jane Green.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Summer Book Challenge Tasks

The Summer Book Challenge over on the nest started today. I am so excited because a ton of the books I wanted to read fit. Here is my list:
1. IHO the Beautiful weather read a book while enjoying the outdoors.

2. Take 10 books you want to read and put the titles in a hat, pick one at random and read that book. Plain Truth

3. Read a book with a Summer word in the title (sun, heat, sand, hot, etc). Firefly Lane

4. Read a book considered a beach read (Chick lit, etc.).

5. IHO Friendship day (August 2nd) read a book about friends or siblings. Best Friends Forever-Jennifer Weiner

6. Read a book with a food or drink in the title. Watermelon-Marian Keyes
7. Post a poll on NBC of 5 books of your choice and let the nesties pick your next book (leave up for at least a day)
8. Read a book that takes place at a beach, ocean, lake, or resort. Along for the Ride-Sarah Dessen
9. Christmas in July, Read a book about/set during Christmas: On Stike for Christmas-Sheila Roberts
10.IHO Dog days of Summer read a book with the word dog in the title or about a dog. Marley and Me- own

1. IHO summer blockbusters read a book of your choice and then choose your cast, then share with NBC. Finger Lickin Fifteen- Janet Evanovich

2. IHO Fourth of July read a book about the revolutionary war or any other important time in your Country’s history.

3. IHO Women’s equality day (August 26th) read a book with a woman as the main character or about a woman you admire. Dune Road-Jane Green

4. Read a book set in a place you have, will, or would like to travel to. Lock and Key-Sarah Dessen (travel to N.C. to see my sister) own

5. Read a book about a Summer romance or a romance book. The Guardian own

6. Read a book about a library, librarian, book store, or anything else book related. Bookends-Jane Green or Thirteenth Tale

7. Read a book about getting married, weddings, being married. Vision in White-Nora Roberts

8. Read a book with a verb in the title (Walk, run, talk, etc). What was she Thinking: Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married.

9. Read a book you first heard about on NBC. Perfect Match-Jodi Picoult

10. Read a book with a teenager as the main character or set in a high school. The Tenth Circle Own

1. Read a book that an author you enjoy has read or suggested. A bump in the road- Maureen Lipinski (Jen Lancaster) Candy Girl (Sarah Dessen)

2. IHO back to school in August read a book off your high school’s summer reading list. A Great and Terrible Beauty

3. Read a book by an author born in July, August, September. Notes on a Scandal

4. Read a book about a disaster or tragedy (Tornado, hurricane, 9/11, plane crash, etc.) Columbine- Dave Cullen

5. Judge a book by its cover, read a book based solely on the cover or title. I Heart You,You Haunt Me or You Know Where to Find Me.

6. Read a book about Royalty (Tudors, Princess Diaries, etc): The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn- Robin Maxfield

7. Read July, August, or September’s NBC book and participate in the discussions. Summer Sisters- Judy Blume

8. Read the first and second (or 3rd and 4th) book in a series 4th of July and 5 Horseman- James Patterson

9. Read a book that is at least 500 pages. Vampire Diaries?

10. Second chances- Read a book by an author you didn’t enjoy the first time around. The Accidental Mother own


1. Mrs.GinTN- Read a book and cook a meal inspired by that book. Lean Mean Thirteen and I made homemade spaghetti sauce and garlic bread.

2. AdaraMarie-Read a book recommended by the staff at your local library or bookstore. Complete the task by posting a review of the book with no spoilers so we can all learn your opinion of the book. Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons or the Luxe

3.Mac&Chip- Read a book and do an activity that the characters in the book did.

4.RoMoSquare- Read a book over 700 pages: I know this much is true-wally Lamb

5. Rebus82- Read a book that you've never read before because it has always intimidated you. Afterward, make a non-spoiler WIJFR post about how you feel about the book now that you've finally read it, and if you feel the original intimidation was justified.

6.danamh83- Read a book written by or about a famous person (living or dead) that you would like to meet. Post a list of questions you would like to ask them, based on what you read in the book. Moonwalk by Michael Jackson