Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lock and Key-Sarah Dessen

I truly enjoy Sarah Dessen's books. I was excited to read this book since a lot of people enjoyed it. It started a little slow for me, but there was history that was important to Ruby's character that needed to be introduced. The book really picked up though and I ended up loving it.

Ruby is a great character. She reminded me of myself there for a while. While I didn't have to live with my sister because I did have my father my mother left me also. I was very close to my older sister and often even to this day think of her as a substitute mom in my life.

Can I just say that Nate and Wes (The Truth About Forever) have to be the best males from her books. Nate was not the typical male character from Sarah's books as he was the popular kid instead of the outsider. I really enjoyed that and getting into his life with his father and such.

I actually ended the book wishing that Ms. Dessen would write a sequel to this book.

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