Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This Lullaby-Sarah Dessen

Ahh teen love, angst, friendship, and family; all the makings of a great book. This Lullaby is just that a GREAT book. After reading this I think Sarah Dessen is my new favorite author.

This book is about Remy. She is a recent High School graduate waiting for the summer to end so she can leave her life behind and go to college. Her famous romance-novel writing mother's 5 marriages have made Remy not believe in love. She gets a boyfriend and knows the schedule, she knows when it is time for the end talk.

She has 3 friends that she spends her time with. While helping her mother plan her 5th wedding she meets Dexter. She begins having feelings that she doesn't want to have and begins to live in denial, even when she buys plastic ware for his home (best part of the book is when Dexter finds it). She pushes him away and in the end realizes it is ok to love and to risk getting hurt.

This book dealt with so many issues that I just loved it. Sarah Dessen wrote these teens as real teens. They drank, had sex, and lived their life. While not all teens do that it is a lot more common then most YA books would write about. I loved her relationship with her mother. She always felt that she had to help her when in reality she didn't. Remy could not be a "kid" because of that need to take care of her mom and loved when the role finally switched.

Remy and Dexter made me smile through the whole book. He was sweet and loved her, but wasn't going to take her crap either which is great. I wish he was real and could date my sister. I want them to be together forever and thought about them long after I finished the book.

I would recommend this book to everyone as it is not a typical teen book. Go out and get it now :)

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