Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Road-Cormac McCarthy

Where should I start with this one. The Road was sad, depressing, confusing and yet I could not put it down. The book is about a father and a son who are walking down a road together to the coast. They are unsure of what is there, but they don't want to be eaten by other people who have survived the end of the World.
I feel like there were so many lessons in this book. I remember in school always being told to look for the lesson in books. The one I picked up on the most was how being good is what saved them. They kept saying that they were the good guys and they were. The ate food that they could find or they didn't eat. They never once ate another. The son always wanted to help others out and in the end he was helped.
The relationship between the father and the son made me miss my own father so much. He would do anything to make it so that I had what I needed to be successful. This father wanted nothing more than to keep his child safe and would do anything. The love between these two was warm to my heart. I had tears in my eyes at the end when the boy must go on without him and wanted to keep him wrapped up so others wouldn't eat him.
While the book is a little repetitive and isn't written the best grammar wise it is a book that will stay with me.

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