Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Stephanie Plum

Stephanie Plum books are my guilty pleasure books. They are so funny and quick to read. The characters in this series are lovable and yet a little much.
Stephanine is our not so good bounty hunter from the burb. She has big hair and wears a lot of eye makeup. She has her apartment where she lives with her pet hamster. She has a problem with keeping her cars too.
Her family is just as funny with her grandma Mazur being the funniest. She has a mother and father. Her sister has moved back and lives there with her children.

Stephanie has a group of friends that show up too. Lula being the ex-ho that Stephanie saved. There are a few more characters that she picks up along the way.
Then there is Joe and Ranger. Oh the men in Ms. Plum's life. They make her life complicated and that is as far as I will go.
In Ten Big Ones Stephanie is running from some gang members, while dealing with her family and her men.
Just a fun fun book

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