Sunday, February 7, 2010

Some Girls Are-Courtney Summers

Some Girls Are gave me a new meaning to Mean Girls. I loved Cracked Up To Be and how Courtney Summers writes real girls and situations. This book as sad as it may be is true. There are girls out there who are just like this in our schools.

Regina was in the in crowd. She was mean and did horrible things to girls that were not in her crowd. Then one day after a misunderstanding where she was accused of doing things with her best friend's boyfriend she was suddenly the outsider who was getting awful things done to her. She then had to find friends and support amongst the people she had once shunned. She finds help in one boy Michael and she learns just how much she hurt people in the past and looks for ways to make it up to them.

Regina was a great character. She was strong yet scared, she had an attitude yet she was kind, and she fought to the end and I loved every minute of it. Even the mean girls who I hated so much were obviously written beautifully or I wouldn't have cared enough to hate them. I give this book a big A.

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