Sunday, February 7, 2010

Boys, Girls, and other Hazordous Materials-Rosalind Wiseman

I found this book while searching books coming out in 2010 on It sounded interesting so I requested it from the library. I am glad I did.

Charlie is starting 9th grade in a new school. She left the other school because of some mean girls she thought was her friends. She is hoping to start over and make new friends so imagine her surprise when her old neighbor who had moved away and she hadn't talked to was standing in the gym during orientation. He is hot and a jock now. Charlie finds her friends and they go on through the year. She is a writer for the paper and her guy friends are doing weird things and she has heard about hazing rituals so she decides to investigate. She may not like what she finds out.

A big reason why I think I really enjoyed this book was because it was about 9th graders and not the typical senior so they dealt with starting high school, dates, and fitting in. It was a bit refreshing. Plus the cast was great I really liked them all and want to see more. I would like Ms. Wiseman to write a sequel or something with this group I think there was so much more to go on.

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