Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Perfect Chemistry-Simone Elkeles

This book has gotten a ton of great reviews on so I decided to read it. Oh my is it worth it.

Brittney is a white rich girl who lives on the North side. Her parents are big on apperances and she has to be perfect, while behind closed doors her world is anything, but perfect. She is dating the popular jock when she is assigned to a chemistry assignment with bad boy gangster Alex. Throughout their year they learn more about each other and themselves then they ever thought would be possible. Their hate turns into love, but can they make it work.

This book was delicious. The writing, the characters, the story, everything. I just kept turning the pages and turning the pages never wanting to stop turning and it wasn't even an "action" book. I just wanted to continue to learn about Brittney and Alex and to see how their relationship would evolve. While another writer would have screwed this story up (sorry authors) Ms. Elkeles wrote with ease and perfection. She researched her gangs and love. I will have to read more of her books.

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