Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Went Back to Childhood again

One of the tasks in my Spring Book Challenge was to read 2 chapter books that I loved as a child. Uhh hello Babysitters Club was my favorite series by far. I always bought them or got them as gifts. So I chose to read 2 super specials. I think these were my 2 favorites.

Starring The Babysitters Club is about the kids being in their school play. The school is putting on Peter Pan and all the babysitters and a lot of their charges are involved in some way. There is some drama when the cast list comes out and such, but of course it is always worked out. I love it.

Babysitters On Board is about the Babysitters going on a cruise and then to DisneyWorld. Maryanne and Stacey are there with the Pikes as mother's helpers and the rest are with Kristy and her family. I never really noticed as a kid, but Dawn is kind of annoying. The book is great. They meet new friends and tell us about cruises.

I have a couple more at home so look for more reviews eventually.

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  1. <3 BSC!
    I think I need to see if my library has any!